Tuesday, August 7, 2012

Top Five Stoner Comedies

Top Five Stoner Comedies

Pot heads and the like.

There have been a few more then five stoner comedies but I've chosen the ones that top all others. Of course I'm sure some of you we disagree. By all means do so but your wrong. I have seen them all and I now what worked and what did not. So take all grievances up with who ever caused your lack of taste and discernment. No not all of the comedies staring pot smoking drug swallowing fools are equal. That's the disclosure. Here's the list!

Top Five

5. Pineapple Express. Down right funny. Seth Rogen plays a process server who likes to smoke pot. He and his dealer played by James Franco. Franco delivers a great performance as a stoner dope dealer who loves his "bubbie". Over all brilliant but we must see if it stands the test of time.
4. Nice Dreams. The first of the legendary Cheech and Chong Films to make the list. "HappyHerb's Nice Dreams" is the pot the two bumbling stoners sell while the cops are on their trail. Lizards are the pot smoking stars. You will laugh and laugh and laugh.
3. Dazed and Confused. The school year ends and a group of 70's pot smoking studentsstart the summer before their last year of high school. This film has a great cast including Matthew McConaughey, Milla Jovovich, Adam Goldberg, Ben Affleck, and Parker Posey. A must see. For all lovers of film.
2. Harold and Kumar Go to White Castle. To funny for words. I feel like the story is perfect for the pot head. And there's a dancing bag of weed. P.S. The third in the Harold and Kumar films, "A Very Harold & Kumar 3D Christmas", is almost as good and in someways maybe better but it is still to new to tell.
1. Up in Smoke. The movie that all others strive to be, in the world of stoner flicks. Cheech and Chong at their very best. It's "Maui wowie" and "Labrador", man.

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