Friday, August 17, 2012


Some smokers think giving into the munchies is a weakness that brings the high down. Others give in willingly, finding pleasure in the act of stuffing themselves with junk food of all sorts. I for one have gone both ways. Of course, once I start the munch, it becomes impossible to stop. It doesn't matter if it's chips, candy, or a complete five course meal, all the edibles are gone before the THC has run its course.

After a smoke-clouded passing of the bong has rendered you red-eyed and hungry, what do you reach for...something crunchy, sticky, salty, or sweet? Regardless, if you're honest, it's anything but healthy. I have known many a toker, but I have yet to meet one who fixes the munchies with health food. Some may eat of the fruits and veggies when sober or having dinner with the family, but as soon as the pipe has been passed, we all turn to overly preserved, chemically based, JUNK.'re baked, and find yourself craving something to kill the "hunger" pains, but you can't decide, in your stoned state, what would work best. Be careful or you might end up like a buddy of mine. He went out in search of something fast to take the munchies away and found himself in the drive-thru of a popular fast food place. Unsure what he wanted, he ordered one of everything on the menu. After maxing out his credit card, he made his way home snacking on the S, M, and L fries. He was able to eat about half of the food, but was left with an excess which rotted, filling his home with a rancid smell over the next few days. The smell took days of continual puffing on a sweet Kush to get rid of, but his constipation lasted a bit longer.

Consider yourself warned about the need to prepare your pantry with snacks before you toke. Good luck my fellow mucnhie lovers and keep on puffin'.  Mmmm...Funyuns.

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